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FROM sketch TO screw

GN 2/1 is the larger model of our grill. Its size is particularly suitable for interior use in the preparation of dishes grilled with a direct flame of charcoal in the chamber. Its capacity is adapted to the use of gastronorm containers up to 2/1, for which a sliding frame is prepared for their placement. The grill also has a grid of the same size. At the bottom of the grill chamber are two removable firebox vessels. The air supply control is easily controlled via the flaps under the furnace space. The flue gas outlet is provided either through an opening into the chimney space or by using a filter adapter into the space under the hood. The time from inflammation to operating temperature is usually 15 minutes.



The robust all-stainless construction guarantees long-term, satisfied operation, designed and tested for day-to-day use at operating temperatures up to 350 ° C. Ideal for large company, corporate events, family celebrations and so on


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