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GN 1/1

KING of the



CHAROVEN® is registered trademark EUIPO No. 016544413 Class 11, 21, 35

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The taste of live fire


GN 1/1 has been designed as a more mobile and economical variant of the larger model. At the same time, it retains all the advantages and possibilities of a larger variant. It is suitable for interiors of gastronomic operations as well as for outdoor use in gardens or stalls. The interior of the chamber is adapted for gastronorm containers up to GN 1/1, which fit into the prepared slide-out frame. Compared to the GN 2/1 variant, this variant is smaller in size, but is sufficiently dimensioned and tested for 24/7/365 operation. The grill can also be equipped with a heat and spark filter to allow its use in confined spaces.



Garden party can not be without GN 1/1.


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